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TBM 910

BASE PRICE: $ 3,833,314


1 Pilot















1,730 nm

330 ktas

7,394 lb

Photo: Courtesy Daher

The TBM910 is a member of the highly successful six-passenger high performance, single-engine turboprop TBM aircraft family manufactured by France-based Daher Company.

The TBM designation carries the Franco-American heritage of this aircraft family, the “TB” designation stand for Tarbes, the Aerospatiale SOCATA French Hometown, and the “M” for Texas, US-based Mooney Aviation. Launched in 1987 as a Joint Venture project between SOCATA and Mooney, the original TBM700 aircraft design was based on the pressurized fuselage, Mooney 301 prototype aircraft. Following the first flight on July 14, 1988, the TBM700 entered service in 1990 and quickly become a great success. In 1991 Mooney left the Joint Venture leaving SOCATA as the sole owner of the program.

In 2014 Airbus parent company EADS completed the sell of all it’s SOCATA shares to French industrial conglomerate Daher.

The TBM family offers impressive range and light jet-like speed combined with much lower fuel consumption and operational costs. The current TBM offering, the TBM910, and the TBM940 benefitted from successive year over year improvements to the TBM family. the most notables are the addition of winglets to the TBM900 and a five-blade carbon fiber propeller.

The 2017 TBM 910 introduced a new Garmin G1000 NXi all-glass integrated flight deck, and a set of cabin interior enhancements with new seat shapes and additional fittings, which are identical to the high-end TBM940 version.

Range*1,730 nm
High Cruise Speed330 kts
Service Ceiling31,000 ft
Takeoff Distance2,380 ft
Landing Distance2,430 ft

*ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, one pilot, 45 min fuel reserve, 252 KTAS cruise speed

Maximum Takeoff7,394 lbs
Maximum Landing
Maximum Zero Fuel6,032 lb 
Basic Operating Weight4,629 lbs
Maximum Payload 1,403 lb 
Usable Fuel
Photo: Courtesy Daher

In a passenger configuration, the pressurized cabin of the TBM is typically fitted with highly finished interiors, often featuring luxury materials such as high-quality leathers and authentic wood veneers. The flexible cabin allows for four passengers’ seats in a club seating or forward-facing configuration. The cabin access is enhanced with the introduction of a wide entrance door. The TBM 910 is configured to accommodate the “Elite Privacy” enclosure – a quick-change option that integrates a lavatory area in the TBM’s aft fuselage.

Cabin Height4 ft
Cabin Width 3 ft 11 in 
Cabin Length 13 ft 3 in 
Cabin Volume123 cu.ft
Baggage Compartment 30 cu.ft
Flight Deck
Photo: Courtesy Daher

The TBM910 features Garmin’s G1000 NXi. The all-glass integrated flight deck combines high-resolution display design with state-of-the-art faster processors. The system is configured around two 10-inch PFD and a single centrally located 15-inch MFD. 

The TBM 910 benefits from a concentration of innovation, technology, and safety improvements that are compared by Daher as bringing an “e-copilot” into the cockpit to reduce the pilot’s workload. The Daher TBM 910 is the first single-engine turboprop to feature single lever engine control. The ergonomically-designed lever controls the engine power, propeller, and engine condition.

ModelG1000 Nxi
Number of Engines1
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney Canada
Takeoff Power850 shp