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Challenger 3500

Ultra-Long Range Comfort in a Super-Midsize Jet

In September 2021, Bombardier announced the introduction of the latest variant of its very popular super-midsize Challenger 300 series. The new improved variant marketed under the Challenger 3500 designation has replaced the 2014 Challenger 350 variant and features a new state-of-the-art redesigned cabin inspired from the Global 7500, Bombardier’s Ultra-Long Range flagship jet.

Bombardier Celebrates Challenger 3500 Entry-into-service

Long-time Bombardier customer Les Goldberg, Chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Technology Partners, will take ownership of the aircraft later this year. The newly delivered Challenger 3500 will be on static display in Orlando, Florida from October 18-20 during NBAA-BACE 2022.

Bombardier publishes the Challenger 3500 environmental product declaration

The Challenger 3500 aircraft Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides detailed information about the aircraft’s life cycle environmental footprint, confirming the strict adherence of the super-midsize jet design with Bombardier’s environmental objectives.

Bombardier launches new Challenger 3500 super mid-size business jet

The challenger 3500 is the latest update of the highly successful super-midsize challenger 300 platform and will feature improvements such as auto- throttles, and an upgraded cabin. Bombardier anticipates deliveries of the Challenger 3500 in the second half of 2022