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MBG International Design

Nikki Gledhill

After her graduation from the University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Architecture, Nikki started her career in the high-end luxury market as a Senior Interior Designer for a large completions center, where she was responsible for decorative styling and design for all projects. In this role Nikki traveled the world, meeting with top executives, head of state clients, and vendors, gaining an extensive knowledge of high-end luxury materials. Those travels were the taste Nikki needed to put her passion for design and owning her own company into a plan when creating MBG International Design, LLC. in 2009.


MBG International Design, LLC

Based in San Antonio, Texas, MBG is a luxury boutique aircraft interior design firm with a team of dedicated designers and trade professionals based who will take the time to determine your personal style and travel needs to create a customized interior.

Boeing 777 Forward Dining Area- Rendering

Project PEGASUS | ACJ330-200

Project Pegasus is an Airbus 330 Private Stateroom Design with rejuvenating modern touches.  This project was designed with the business minded client in mind. For the client using their private aircraft for business meetings and travel.  The decorative use of ombre lighting along with calming/stylized modern design touches creates a space that is relaxing after a long day but is also a space to rejuvenate.  A key aspect of the project is the ombre lighting.  Lighting is such an important part of any space, creating atmospheres people want to be in.

The design works well because of the lighting techniques along with the calming modern design features creating a space that is inviting, fun and enjoyable to be in.  Clients want cutting edge designs but they also want functionality and comfort.

 Combining these important elements makes uniquely designed spaces captivating, inspiring and invigorating.