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Greenpoint Technologies, 30 years of superior VVIP completions

Greenpoint Technologies, a Safran Company, is a premier Business Jet Interior Completion Center providing custom aircraft interiors for private clients, governments and heads-of-state. Greenpoint offers a turnkey completion experience with in-house interior design, engineering, manufacturing, certification, installation and post-delivery support.
Greenpoint Technologies, a Safran Company, is a premier Business Jet Interior Completion Center providing custom aircraft interiors for private clients, governments and heads-of-state. Greenpoint offers a turnkey completion experience with in-house interior design, engineering, manufacturing, certification, installation and post-delivery support.



May | june 2022



Over the past thirty-five (35) years, Greenpoint has delivered more than fifty (50) major interior programs for both narrow and wide body aircraft, including the world’s first V-VIP BBJ3, Boeing 747-8, Boeing 787-8, and Boeing 787-9 interior completions. Strategic goals focus on the client experience by incorporating quality, commitment, and craftsmanship into every program. Founded in 1987, Greenpoint is one of the original completion centers recognized by The Boeing Company. Greenpoint headquarters are located in Bothell, Washington, minutes from Seattle and The Boeing Company. Additional facilities include VIP cabinetry and precision machining in Denton, Texas; commercial manufacturing in Marysville, Washington; and a modification facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

Chad Throne, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Greenpoint Technologies answers Elite Wings’ questions

Greenpoint Technologies is one of the most renowned completion centers for VIP & Head-of-state interiors. Can you tell us more about your history?

Greenpoint is known as a premier completion center delivering exceptional interiors to the most discerning clients in the world. Greenpoint’s journey into the V-VIP aviation industry began thirty-five (35) years ago when founders John Broback and Jon Buccola represented U.S. aircraft interior manufacturers in Latin America. By listening to clients and adding value at every opportunity, Greenpoint’s capabilities expanded into interior completions; first narrow body then widebody interior completions. To date, Greenpoint has designed and delivered over fifty (50) major VIP and Head-Of-State (HOS) programs to include interior completions, refurbishments and reconfigurations. Greenpoint offers a turnkey interior completion experience encompassing in-house interior design, engineering, program management, manufacturing, certification, installation and post-delivery support. By carefully listening to our clients and focusing on their requirements, we continuously adapt our processes to deliver the finest aircraft in the world. As one of the originally licensed Boeing Business Jet Completion Centers, Greenpoint has designed and delivered specialty interior systems and modifications for nearly every Boeing commercial model. Greenpoint’s rich history includes delivering the world’s first V-VIP BBJ3, the first V-VIP 747-8 in 2014, the first V-VIP 787-8 in 2016, and the first V-VIP 787-9 in 2021, a true testament to innovative engineering strength and performance. Greenpoint is also working with multiple Airbus clients and looks forward to completing our first ACJ interior.

Over all these years in VIP & Head-of-state Cabin Completions, what can you tell us about aircraft and interior designs evolution?

Our clients embrace elegant and functional modes of transportation with advanced technology, connectivity and modern designs. In V-VIP and Head-of-Sate interiors, the main cabin often features a central expansive space for gathering, a conference room which can be adapted into a dining room, and guest seating. V-VIP interiors designed for private individuals often seat less individuals and feature grand master suites, guest suites, expansive lounges and more.

Our clientele own luxury yachts, automobiles and homes, each adorned with the latest technology, fashion trends and brands. The aircraft becomes an extension of this lifestyle enabling high net worth individuals to traverse the globe in comfort and style. As our clients transition between modes of transportation, they expect simple and seamless connectivity of personal devices to the cabin controls and IFE, as well access to personal content. Clients often query into voice activated technology, hands free galleys and lavatories, antimicrobial surfaces, and systems that delight the sense of sight and smell. Greenpoint Design continuously explores new ways to bring ultimate lifestyle luxuries into our client’s aircraft.

Since 2014, Greenpoint Technologies is part of Safran Cabin. A world leader in Aircraft Interiors and Systems. What strength does that bring to your business?

Greenpoint is honoured to be a Safran Company. Safran and Greenpoint embody a continuous improvement culture powered by trust, always evolving to exceed our client’s expectations. Safran Cabin’s product breadth is unmatched in the market, to include galleys, lavatories, overhead bins, seats and so much more. By being part of Safran, we have access to a wide range of new products and technologies and leverage our relationship to satisfy our small quantity purchases.

Greenpoint Technologies is one of the leading Boeing 787 completion centers, having completed five (5) aircraft including the world’s first 787-9. tell us more about your experience with this aircraft.

Nearly ten (10) years ago, Greenpoint committed to becoming the world’s leading Boeing 787 completion center, investing in substantial research and development to master the intricacies of this complex aircraft platform. The company’s technical knowledge and V-VIP completion experience resulted in clients entrusting Greenpoint with seven (7) V-VIP Boeing 787 interior completions to date, including delivery of both the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 787-8 and Boeing 787-9. Greenpoint debuted the world’s first V-VIP B787-8 at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibit (EBACE) in May 2016 and the second V-VIP B787-8 at Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation (MEBAA) in 2018. Greenpoint delivered the world’s first B787-9 V-VIP Interior Completion in 2021. The company applied detailed planning, processes, and a 10-year knowledge base of complex Boeing 787 systems and structures to expedite delivery of this V-VIP Boeing 787-9. The power of teamwork resulted in Greenpoint modifying the aircraft eight (8) months faster than the first V-VIP Boeing 787-8. In total, Greenpoint completed four (4) B787-8 V-VIP interior completion programs and one (1) B787-9 V-VIP interior completion, with two (2) additional B787-9 V-VIP interior completions underway, reinforcing the company’s position as the leading Boeing 787 completion center.

Greenpoint Technologies has also a long experience in completing the double-decker 747. Can you tell us more about your innovative solutions for the 747-8?

CT: Greenpoint made Boeing 747-8 history when it became the world’s first completion center to redeliver a Head-of-State Boeing 747-8 interior completion. The aircraft was the eighth 747‐8 delivered by Boeing to a completion center, and as the world’s first to redeliver, it boasts the shortest completion duration.

A core strength of Greenpoint is designing, engineering, and manufacturing unique interior solutions for VIP and government aircraft. The Aeroloft® program is an excellent example of an innovative product installed on a new type of aircraft. The Aeroloft® features a customizable stairway leading to eight private sleeping berths and an optional lounge, located above the main deck between Doors four and five of the Boeing 747-8 VIP aircraft. It provides passengers a comfortable rest area away from the main deck during flight. To date, Greenpoint has sold six Aeroloft® kits and delivered five.