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Summer 2022

Sikorsky, the standard of excellence for VIP transportation

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For more than three decades, the Sikorsky S-76® represented the reference for corporate executives and VIP transportation. Leon Silva, Vice President of Global Commercial and Military Systems, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, answers EWM questions on the company’s commercial helicopter offerings and the latest innovations in urban air mobility enabling technologies.

What is the secret behind this exceptional longevity of the S-76® in the VIP/Corporate transportation role?

Sikorsky is proud of the S-76 fleet’s legacy. For more than three decades, corporate executives and heads of state have recognized the S-76® helicopter as the standard of excellence for personal transportation. The attributes of the aircraft and best in class fit and finish of our VIP interiors are considered to be second to none.

Earlier this year, Sikorsky announced halting taking orders for the S-76D due to the high production cost and low profitability of this legendary model. Is there any update on that front?

Sikorsky will maintain an active S-76 spares production line at our headquarters site in Stratford, CT. Our world class support, which our customers have come to rely on, will continue as Sikorsky maintains its commitment to provide aftermarket spares and services to our customers worldwide. We are currently looking at international partnerships to extend the legacy and continue the future of the S-76D.

In addition to its large success in the offshore oil and gas industry. The S-92® has proven a wonderful platform for VIP and head of state transportation. Can you tell us more about the popularity of this helicopter in this very demanding market segment?

The success of the S-92 is attributed to its high quality, safety, reliability, performance and our top-of-the-line interiors including a stand-up cabin. The seating arrangements are individually customized to suit our customers’ needs. Whether it’s a private seating area, work areas, seating for attendants, lavatories, or storage, we have the expertise and the talent to satisfy each need. Also, when it comes to the S-92, you get the additional payload performance and extended range associated with a larger helicopter, but our Active Vibration Control ensures it is not at the expense of the ride quality for the passengers.

The VIP/Head of State market has always been an important one for Sikorsky and we are delighted to have seen a significant increase in demand for this market segment so far in 2022 and have closed contracts for several new helicopters.