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Issue 01

Satcom Direct, Connecting Corporate Aviation For 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago engineer Jim Jensen started Satcom Direct from a beach house on the Florida coast, with just six colleagues. His mission: to transparently connect business aircraft in flight, to the ground. He had spotted a growing gap in aviation communications noting that existing systems enabling phone calls between jets and callers necessitated multiple companies, generating numerous bills, from locations all around the world, and even then connection to the right person wasn’t guaranteed. The system was untenable.  

Making Connectivity Plane Simple With SATCOM DIRECT

Satcom Direct announced the qualification of the Satcom Direct Plane Simple™ Antenna System on the Intelsat FlexExec network in January this year. The verification follows months of diligent testing and optimization by both companies and confirms that the first network integrated SD Plane Simple terminal, designed exclusively for business aviation, is fully compatible with the world’s first dedicated network capacity for business aviation, the Intelsat FlexExec service.

Inmarsat continues to look ahead in business aviation 

Although the global aviation industry is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the global pandemic, the business aviation sector has fared comparatively better than its airline counterpart. A prime example of its resilience is the fact that many of Inmarsat’s business aviation customers have utilised any downtime over the past 18 months to upgrade their inflight connectivity systems, ensuring that they continue to meet the evolving needs of operators across the world, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic itself but well into the future too. And as principals’ needs continue to evolve in the long-term, they can rest assured in the knowledge that we are investing more than ever before to deliver highly differentiated global technology platforms, that will meet their needs today and for decades to come. After all, we have a deep understanding based on decades of experience in the business aviation market and appreciate that inflight connectivity alone is no longer enough, it needs to be reliable and consistent, regardless of location, time or other uncontrollable factors. Predictability is ‘the new luxury’ for business aviation.

ABBASLI DESIGN Studio | Sculpturing architecture on water

Established by industrial designer and architect Ucal Abbaslı in 2020 after more than 6 years working in the nautical industry. The studio is located in the heart of the Caspian Sea, Baku Azerbaijan. The Abbasli design studio services include exterior and interior design of desired yachts together with supervision during the construction.
All projects start with conceptual sketches to the final CAD delivery to the shipyard with photorealistic visualizations.

Bizliners Vs Purpose-Built Bizjets

By Thomas Chatfield – CEO, Camber Aviation Management.
In this analysis , we’ll introduce the benefits and drawbacks of the latest generation long-range, large-cabin business jets and the latest Bizliner offerings by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) and Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). In our overview, we’ll consider diverse productivity parameters together with current market values.

The Ultra-Long Range Category “CLASH OF THE TITANS”

In 2012 with the entry into service of the Gulfstream G650 (Model GVI), a new era of Ultra-Long-Range (> 7000 nm) purpose-built Business Jets was launched. Although highly impacted by continuous delays and cost overruns with its CSeries commercial aircraft family, Bombardier had to respond with the launch of the Global 7000 and 8000 family program that soon converged with the delivery of the current industry flagship, the Global 7500. The Ultra-Long-Range offerings will soon be extended with the addition of the state-of-the-art Gulfstream G700 and G800 and a clean sheet design from Dassault Aviation, the extra widebody Falcon 10X. Let’s look at what’s today the most advanced and dynamic segment of Business Aviation!

JetFly | Operating the Super Versatile PC-24 Jet

With 20 years of experience and 150,000 hours of flight time, Jetfly is a leader of fractional ownership in Europe for both business and private aviation. The fleet of 60 Pilatus aircraft is now the largest in the world. It comprises 48 PC-12s and 12 PC-24s. For medium-range destinations, Jetfly offers the luxury to fly in Pilatus’ newest super versatile jet, the PC-24. Jetfly is headquartered in Luxembourg and employs 350 people, including 150 pilots.

First Time Buyer’s Guide – Getting Started Confidently

Buying an aircraft is an exciting time but can be overwhelming. A good broker will walk you through the process of selecting a model type to best fit your wants and priorities, as well as guide you through the purchase cycle. Use their expertise to your advantage so you enter ownership with an awareness of what it entails and an aircraft you are happy to own.

A next generation ATG network, now available from SmartSky!

SmartSky’s next-generation ATG network is now available in the United States and connects the entire aircraft to dependable, responsive and secure data transfer that enables what is most important, in real time. The enhanced ATG network includes patented technology advancements to deliver unprecedented performance.