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Greenpoint Technologies

Annika Svore Wicklund

Annika is Design Director with Greenpoint’s award-winning Design Team. Greenpoint Design partners with the client, or a third-party design firm, to oversee the completion process from concept through delivery and ensure the finished interior meets the client’s expectations for design intent, aesthetic quality and cabin flow. Greenpoint’s design process begins with an ergonomic study which translates into the floorplan layout, designed to meet the client’s desires and aircraft mission requirements. Next, Designers define and detail furniture standards, then model and sketch all interior elements. To visualize decor concepts and design elements, digital computer aided drafting (CAD) data is used to build virtual interiors and renderings. Interior colors, textures, layouts and features are adjusted and fine-tuned in advance of fabrication for client approval. Greenpoint Design assesses the décor, function and livability of the interior layout in a way not possible in the traditional art-based graphic design process.


Annika Svore Wicklund

Design Director Greenpoint Technologies


Interior design is always evolving! Modern, clean and functional interior schemes are increasingly requested. Today, we see a lot of neutral tones like cream, taupe and grays, with pops of bright, energizing colors. Textures are key as well, in tiles, wall coverings, 3D veneer and others, creating subtle depth. Popular material trends include hand-tufted carpet, embossed leathers, feature walls and wall coverings. There has also been an increase in sustainable, 65/65 options such as hardwood, stone, and vinyl tiles, including F/list’s vinyl tiles and Techno Aerospace’s Authentique flooring products. Sustainable materials are increasingly prevalent in residential and commercial design, and we are pleased to see it enter the aviation industry. Newly engineered materials and treatments, from the durability and consistency in quartz and reconstituted veneer to nano products, offer our interiors a beautiful, repeatable look and long-term performance. We have come a long way in developing representative materials to meet our aviation requirements, and I am confident we will continue to make advances with new materials. Other trends include aesthetic lighting, where lighting adds to the overall interior design rather than serving a purely functional use. This includes lighting incorporated into artwork.

As new products, design trends and technology emerge, it takes time, research and qualification to finally install these features onto our client’s aircraft. To be prepared, we, need to be far ahead of trends, advocating for these features early. Our team spends much time researching, proactively building mock-ups and diving into how things will work differently in flight.


BBJ MAX 8 Interior Concept from Greenpoint Technologies

Greenpoint curated the award-winning BBJ MAX 8 interior, Retreat, for a distinguished world traveler focused on health and self-care priorities. The Greenpoint design team focused on biophilia and wellness trends to create the experience of a luxury spa retreat. The Retreat interior balances sustainable details and live greenery with advanced technology concealed discreetly within the bespoke cabinetry. Key features include a master suite encased in gradient, opaque glass walls, internally lit terrariums, and oversized, outboard-facing OLED monitors displaying curated videos of the destination or views from external high definition (HD) cameras. Inspired by flowing water, the cabin ceiling features a panel system with a high-gloss metallic finish reminiscent of a river meandering throughout the interior.

Retreat Entry Area

Retreat Master Bedroom