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ACJ 380 Prestige

BASE PRICE: $ 445,600,000

INTERIOR BUDGET: $ 150M - $ 280M















100 PAX

9,400 nm

M 0.89

1,268,000 lb

Photo : Courtesy Boeing

The A380 is a double-deck, four-engine aircraft developed by Europe based Aerospace conglomerate Airbus.

Launched in 2000 as the world’s largest airliners, the A380 was intended to set the European Airbus group as the aviation world leader and address the growing demand for Hub to Hub mega airplanes allowing capacity growth in slot restricted airports.

The A380 achieved its first flight on April 27, 2005, prior to entering service with launch customer Singapore Airline. The A380 proved very popular with high-end premium airlines especially in the middle east where Emirates Airlines operates over 100 aircraft of the type.

The A380 is powered by four engines form either Rolls-Royce -Trent 900 or Engine Alliance – GP7200 (Joint venture between General Electric and Pratt & Whitney). With most fuselage from aluminum alloys. The wingspan has been carefully limited to under 80 meters for maximum compatibility with airport gates.

Although considered as a technology marvel, enabling unprecedented premium cabin product offering such as onboard showers, private enclosed apartments, onboard art gallery, and hotel-like lounges and bars. The A380 failed to meet the sales numbers that airbus predicted. The A380 becomes more of a niche product for a niche premium market. with airlines preferring more economic lower capacity twin engines to either increase established routes frequencies or launch new medium demand point to point routes bypassing congested hubs.

50 Passengers Range9,400 nm
Maximum SpeedM 0.89
High Speed CruiseM 0.85
Takeoff Distance9,450 ft
Landing Distance6,660 ft
Maximum Cruise Altitude43,000 ft
Maximum Takeoff1,267,658 lbs
Maximum Landing870,826 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel813,506 lbs
Basic Operating
Interior Allowance
Usable Fuel85,472 USG
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The A380 is the second double-deck very large airliner to enter commercial service after the Boeing 747. Designed as a clean sheet aircraft for the commercial airline market, the A380 was the only double-deck airplane with a full-length upper deck, and a flight deck installed in the middle level between the main and the upper deck.

The 747 partial forward upper-deck with the cockpit installation is more the result of its initial military design requirement allowing for large nose cargo door typical of military heavy transport airplane.

Typical Floor Plans

Courtesy Lufthansa Technik
Cabin Height (Main Deck)92 in
Cabin Width (Main Deck)257 in
Cabin Length (Main Deck)147.3 ft
Cabin Height (Upper Deck)90 in
Cabin Width (Upper Deck)226 in
Cabin Length (Upper Deck)144.1 ft
Cabin Area (Main Deck)3,280 ft2
Cabin Area (Upper Deck)2,680 ft2
Total Cabin Area5,960 ft2
Total Cabin Volume46,086 cu.ft
Baggage Storage 
External 6,187 cu.ft

Completion Centers

Interior Designers

Flight Deck
Photo : Courtesy Cessna

The A380’s flight deck incorporates the latest advances in technology for displays, flight management systems, and navigation.

The A380 cockpit’s main instrument panel has eight identical large interactive displays, with cursor control provided through a track-ball. These displays provide a much larger screen area with clearer presentations, augmented by an optional HUD (head-up display) installation offering that increases pilot situational awareness – particularly during the approach and landing phase.

ENGINESDual Sources
Manufacturer (1)Engine Alliance
Thrust81,500 lbf
Flat Rate
Manufacturer (2)Rolls-Royce
ModelTrent 970B-84
Thrust78,304 lbf
Flat Rate
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney Canada